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Product Designer

6 + years experience shipping digital products in start up and agency environments.


Since starting out in digital, as an Information Architect I have developed my craft and broadened my expertise with roles as an Interaction, UX and Product Designer and Product Manager.

Irrespective of my role, a Human-centred approach to identifying the right problems to solve, for who, and how has been central to understanding how the products we design can deliver value for the people who use them and for the business or organisation behind them.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on products for Retail, Fintech, Automotive, Telco and Media and Publishing clients giving me a large breadth of industry experience and the chance to learn from many inspiring and skilled people in different disciplines and fields.

We’re part of a rapidly changing industry. I’ve experienced the impact of changing ways of working and process approaches within my teams. That said, I am not a slave to any process.

I believe that the fundamentals of communication, collaboration and developing shared objectives set great teams apart from the pack, and from great teams, come great products.

I specialise in leading product design teams, user centred design, product discovery, strategy and development and digital service design.   

I have a passion for creating experiences which bridge user and business needs, I'm also interested in bringing the startup style of working to teams and stakeholders in larger organisations.

With a passion for people, I enjoy mentoring and giving workshops to share methods, approaches and ways of deriving solutions.